10 Best Sites for Photographers

Ok, these are the ones I like best, or at least have noticed that others like the best. Check some out and find a home that you like to visit, they will all help, or, inform your photography.



  1. Dpreview is the mothership of all digital camera websites. It has reviews, articles, forums and regular challenges.
  2. Eric Kim. This guy gives away so much stuff and I like his style. If you are into street photography then this site is a must. He also has a Ricoh Grii. Anyone with this camera is cool.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/user/DigitalRevCom this is the best youtube channel ever. It is like Top Gear but for cameras (when it was Jeremy Clarkson and not Chris Evens, who is obviously an obnoxious twit).
  4. Stuckincustoms. Trey Ratcliff is the guy behind the site and he gives away some cool free stuff, such as his extreme Lightroom presets. Be careful, there is a lot of cash you can end op throwing his way. He is the king of HDR photography and also has a Smugmug website.
  5. TheArcanum is the number 1 way I recommend to become a better photographer. At first you need a ‘master’ to select you. This is worded as something of a challenge, but in reality it does not take long. I had an awesome Master (Alastair Arthur) and learnt a lot. This is a great, but pricey option.
  6. http://froknowsphoto.com/ is run and owned by Jared Polin. He gives away a ton of really useful stuff as well having guides and tutorials for sale. I find his style a little grating but he speaks wise words. He sports an awesome haircut.
  7. Smugmug is a great site to share your photos with the world and to use as an online backup. You can customise it in any number of ways and use it to build your own website. Check mine out @  http://pagespics.smugmug.com and if you want to sign up use this code….   https://secure.smugmug.com/signup?Coupon=wAyMUTbTSfsMX.
  8. http://petapixel.com/ is awesome. Free learning guides, reviews, new and inspiration. This is my favourite site at the moment.
  9. https://www.lensculture.com/ is a site that hosts some truly fantastic photography. Go there and be inspired.
  10. https://pagespics.com/  watch this space…..

Keep Clicking.





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