Ricoh Grii Rumours…

The best camera for Street Photography

My Grii has broken. The Ricoh has long been one of my favourite cameras for Street Photography. And rightly so. It packs a large CMOS sensor into a package that will slot into your pocket. It has a sharp fixed 28mm lens, and it is cool. My Ricoh was probably the only cool thing about my Street Photography setup as I often spend far too long editing photos, am not afraid to crop and will venture into using lenses of different focal lengths. Also, I shoot colour and not black and white. While out taking pics, I have even worn Crocks and socks at the same time.

Ricoh Grii

The Ricoh’s Colours are not for everyone. But I like them.

The Ricoh Griii

No, it does not yet exist. There are rumours that it may never exist alongside many wish lists of desired improvements. A viewfinder would help, a few more pixels and faster focusing would make it great. Personally, I would settle for just a faster focus and better low light capabilities. What will replace my Grii? I love having a camera in my pocket that is just a little better than my phone. Options:

Another Grii

The same as the first Gr with Wifi added. I don’t use Wifi, so the basics of this camera are about a 100 years old. Please Ricoh, give us an update.

Fujifilm X100f

Yes, but everyone has one. Also, it is not quite pocketable. On the plus side, the photos and colour from this camera are fantastic.

Fujifilm X70

Yes, but it sounds like it is not as good as the Grii, and is also due to be updated. The X70 is apparently not as good as the X100f, so what is the point? If the X80 (rumoured) comes out before Christmas, it could tempt me.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V

Definitely not cool for street photography. The coolest thing Sony ever made was the TDK C90 cassette tape (wow – loosing my younger audience there). However, it is pocketable and takes stunning photos.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10

This is tough. Panasonic are not cool. Panasonic make microwaves for goodness sake. BUT, here is the proviso, the lens is a Leica. Leica is way cool.

Hongzhen Lu from above.

Modern buildings encroach upon Hongzhen Old Street.

Which is Best?

As always, this blog helps me speak to myself. I am currently reading ‘Think Like an Artist,’ by Will Gompertz (yes, Street Photographers are artists…). One piece of advice is that we should always question ourselves, and I think this is why I blog. While not pocketable, my Olympus Om5ii, is light, particularly with a pancake lens slapped on. Maybe it is time to let the Gr go the way of the Dodo and, once again, stick with what I have. But Ricoh, if you are listening, bring on a well upgraded Griii. Please!

Now, where are my Crocks?

Keep Clicking, Chris



4 Comments on “Ricoh Grii Rumours…

  1. Hi I am Peter, We mate in Penguin.
    how was your family?
    I had enlarge some pics of your family
    I can ship to you


  2. Hi Peter, yes I remember, you had the Leica and were shooting on film (sorry, I tend to remember people by their cameras!) How are you and are you still enjoying the camera. Can you email me and I will send you my address, its in India, so I will have to look at how to get the Postage to you. My email is Take care my friend! Can’t wait to see the photos.


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