Check your diopter adjustment.

This Week In Pictures.

100% Keepers taken:   4/5  

Silly mistakes made: 1 (I inadvertently twisted my diopter adjustment).

Weight loss since 2017: 4.1kg (really happy with this!)


Spice Dealer, Mysore

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Street Photography, Friends and Family.

This week in Pictures

‘Keepers’ taken since last blog post = 11

Silly mistakes made  = 3
Forgetting to charge my Olympus batteries – twice! Recorded my first Vlog – all out of focus.

Total Weight loss since 2017 = 2kg (only .5kg lost this week)

portrait (1 of 1)

Boy. Taken while getting my Motorbike serviced. (A Royal Enfield)

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Street Photography, Social Media and Confidence.

Make a submission!

Many thanks to all of you who filled out my survey. It would appear the site is running fast enough and that I please some of you some of the time (but not all of you all of the time!). There were a few respondents who stated they would like to write a guest post. If you have an idea for a submission, then please get in touch at


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Clothing Repair Man, Bangkok.

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Speed up your workflow in Lightroom. Plus, I’ve got fat, and written a survey.

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The Bad. I got fat over the holiday.

I got into shape over the holiday. Round. For the New Year I had planned to write about my photographic resolutions, but really they’re on track. Instead, my focus for 2018 is going to be health. Photography is a powerful tool, for New Years I was cast in the role of Brandy Pusskins, and sported a tight yellow crop top for the evening (don’t ask). The resulting photo was horrific. The photo has served a purpose and I am back on my pushbike and watching calories. While on the topic of slimming down, this is also the time I slim down my photo library. Read More

Backing up your 2017 Street Photos.

Filing 2017, and 3 ‘lost’ photos from China.

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Boy playing around a demolished area close to Yanshupu Lu, 2017.

Work flow is an essential aspect of any photographer’s life. We need to spend less time on the computer and more time taking photos. At the end of the year, I file away the past 12 months of photos onto an external hard drive. I then back that drive up keeping copies of the external drive at work, at home, and in my computer bag. Maintaining an external hard drive is an essential part of my routine, as my primary computer is a MacBook Pro with a small 500Gb hard drive. Online options are an area I am looking at adding to my workflow, having a back up of my photos on Google Drive would make me feel safe, but it is not a free option.

Forgotten Gems

After filing away 2017, the images stored will slip from memory. However, while cleaning up my library, I came across photos that never quite got published. Some of them needed a light touch up, and other images were just growers. Rediscovering old photos relates to my workflow. When I first review my photos, I am often a too keen to publish them online. Some pictures you see and think WOW, get this out there. Other images take a while to enjoy. I look at these images and I don’t fall instantly in love, yet they grow on me each time I review my library. This post is about them, the photos I passed by the first time.

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Men with Dog in Alleyway. Hongzhen Lu, 2017

Happy New Year everyone. Remember to back up all your photos from 2017! Back them up online and use an external hard drive. My next post will look at how to quickly delete and sort your photos using Lightroom. Hopefully, I can help some of you think about how to make your workflow a little lighter in 2018.

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Graffiti Artist at work. Hang on… that’s ME!

Happy New Year and Keep Clicking,


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