Failing with a Flash

Flash Photography

I felt like a newbie. I really have not got much of a clue when it comes to using a flash. Tonight I was walking home and was told our local village was having a dance party at 7 pm. Locals dancing is something I definitely wanted to capture. I set out just after 6, taking along my flash unit. I have only recently purchased the Nissan i40, and really have not had a chance to try it out with my Olympus EM5ii.


I had some success.

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Walking Home and the Imperfect Photograph

The Challenge

Recently, through the StepOutPhotography Collective, my friend Birka Weidmaier has challenged me to take imperfect photos. This challenge is harsh, I know what you’re thinking, there are never any imperfect photos posted to! To rise to this challenge I need to look at unusual angles and focus points. Secondly, I am not allowed to crop or adjust the horizon on my photos. I can take a week deciding if a horizon is straight, and trying to get it wrong ON PURPOSE sends shivers down my spine.


At an Angle!

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StepOutPhotography. A Collective.

Who Are StepOutPhotography?

Those of you who regularly follow this blog will know that I have been actively setting up and participating in a small collective of Street Photographers. It is with joy that I can now reveal StepOutPhotography. We are a collective of three, each of us with different styles, who have come together to support and stretch each other.

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Olympus OM-D E-M5 III is coming (maybe).

Firstly, if you are not an Olympus user, or a gear head, this post will be pretty boring. Look at the photos and move on. The photo of the kitchen was taken at the Royal Afghan @ the ITC Windsor in Bangalore, and I highly recommend the Kebabs there!

Russell Market

Russell Market, Bangalore. Morning Shot.

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Do You Ask Permission.


I have a confession. I hate having my photo taken and will go to great lengths to avoid getting on the ‘wrong side’ of the camera lens. Why is this? I struggle with my weight and am a regular ‘yoyo’ dieter. My weight goes down, then I have a couple of bad weeks, and it goes back up again. A photograph can remind me of my success, or failure, to lose weight. We know photographs can lie, and photographers can frame reality to suit their own needs or viewpoints. However, paradoxically they are equally capable of recording truth. When I see a candid photo of myself, I am often inspired to try harder to achieve a healthier life, to hit the gym and to eat a better diet. Read More

Promote your work plus news on The Collective.

The Collective

I am now part of a collective. It is pretty underground at the moment.  However we are seeking new members. To be honest, the aims and goals are coming together slowly, it is certainly not a ‘rush’ job. At present, the goal is to grow the group into a supportive network. If you take great Street photos and have some energy to put into a new idea, then please email me. At present we have only two spots available.


One area I want to explore more with The Collective is Documentary Photography. This photo is part of a body of work where I have explored the Cemeteries in Bangalore.

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My Dream Camera

Firstly, sorry to anyone who clicked on this post expecting a half serious article on Street Photography. I am not about to tell you what my ‘dream camera’ is, as lets face it, they are all pretty much awesome. Instead I am going to tell you the camera that was, quite literally, in my dream. More precisely, it was the lens that I dreamed about. Weird, maybe it is time I searched for a life outside of photography (nah…).

pagespics (1 of 1)-5

Shot using the Nikon 35mm 1:8. A ‘dream’ lens for anyone with a cropped sensor Nikon.

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