Promote your work plus news on The Collective.

The Collective

I am now part of a collective. It is pretty underground at the moment. ¬†However we are seeking new members. To be honest, the aims and goals are coming together slowly, it is certainly not a ‘rush’ job. At present, the goal is to grow the group into a supportive network. If you take great Street photos and have some energy to put into a new idea, then please email me. At present we have only two spots available.


One area I want to explore more with The Collective is Documentary Photography. This photo is part of a body of work where I have explored the Cemeteries in Bangalore.

Promote your work.

Bored of posting to G+ or Instagram? I am planning a page of reader’s photographs. This is going to be a limited page with only the best photos being added. If you would like to be considered then please email me your images at I am happy to add links to your website or blog to help promote your photography. This is not a ‘critique’ page, so please send only send your best work.

Guest Contributors

If you have something you would like to rant about, or share with our community, then please get in touch. I would love to hear your ideas. has not had a guest contributor yet, and this is something I would love to change. Articles would need to be Street or Travel Photography related.


Lady @ Russell Market (Bangalore)



Prints from are at a reduced price. This sale will last till around June sometime (sorry, being vague here). Have a look and see if there is something that would suit your office or home. All prints are signed and numbered.

One last thing, I have finally got my act together to start posting more regularly to Instagram. Feel free to check it out my posts and don’t forget to add your own IG links to the conversation so I can reciprocate. We’re in this together!

Take care and keep clicking, Chris


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2 Comments on “Promote your work plus news on The Collective.

  1. That’s wonderful Chris. I don’t consider myself a street photographer, although I do occasionally take street photos.

    I’m willing to be a guest contributor but I won’t request to join the collective because I don’t take enough street photos. I do have two or 3 good street portraits

    I’ve written a photo essay on homelessness, which I’d happily submit if you think it’s suitable. I have had it published in an online sociology magazine, I’m saying this incase you want work that hasn’t been published before.

    The link to it is –

    Thanks Chris and best wishes with the collective.


  2. Thanks for the reply and I had a look at the article. Homelessness is definitely an issue for Street Photographers. I loved the article you are linking to. It is not quite the right ‘fit’ for this website, but if you could write about your experiences taking photos of the homeless, I am sure people would be interested. Please email me and we can set it up. Many thanks!


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