StepOutPhotography. A Collective.

Who Are StepOutPhotography?

Those of you who regularly follow this blog will know that I have been actively setting up and participating in a small collective of Street Photographers. It is with joy that I can now reveal StepOutPhotography. We are a collective of three, each of us with different styles, who have come together to support and stretch each other.


Birka Weidmaier

I have been a fan of Birka Weidmaier’s¬†¬†photography for a long time. I am thrilled to be creating alongside her. Birka is based in Moscow, and her photography tends to be people-based. Birka has recently finished her first project with StepOut, which can be viewed using the link below.

Before clicking on the link, I strongly suggest making a cup of tea and finding a quiet moment in space and time to look at Birka’s website. You are in for a treat!

Matvey Z

Matvey Z takes photos of the coolest looking people in New York. If you are a New Yorker and dress to impress, then you need to get yourself in front of his lens. Matvey’s photos burst with colour and are instantly recognisable as his work. I am in awe of what he achieves! Matvey will be posting pictures to Instagram, probably using the hashtag #stepoutphotography. Hunt these images down and enjoy.

Chris Page (Me!)

My first project with StepOutPhotography is also finished and can be viewed using the link below, or navigate the menu on the top of this page. For this project, I focused on two cemeteries in Bangalore. If you think graveyards are boring, then be ready for a surprise!


Live sacrifice, used syringes and an abundance of trash.

If you are keen to follow StepOutPhotography, then keep an eye out for our hashtag: #stepoutphotography. There is also a Facebook page being planned that should be up and running in the next few weeks.

Next: Imperfect Photography

While discussing our various approaches to Street Photography, I revealed a little too much about how long it takes me to edit a photo. While it is not uncommon for a landscape photographer to take over an hour editing a picture, it is a little unusual for a Street Photographer. I’m sorry to say that I can take 15 minutes just making sure a horizon is straight! Adjusting the contrast and colour also takes time. Now I have been challenged to try and take imperfect photos, with my camera at strange angles and playing with different focal lengths and backgrounds. If anyone fancies joining me in this challenge, then I would love to see some of your work. As always, contact me at

That’s all for now. Take care and keep clicking. Chris

Here is that link again for the Cemeteries project (just incase you missed it)!


pages pics logo 1 copy

You may like to check out my updated Bangalore page. As ever, here is the link…

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