Slowing Down…

I hate to have a week when I do not post (I get the shakes). This week I was going to post the feedback received from my LensCulture competition entry, but the site is not playing ball with my very poor internet connection. The spoiler is that I did not win – what do they know, pah!

I am now in the Himalayas , India. Not a lot of Street Photography. However there are some great opportunities for portrait photography. I broke my golden rule with the lady below and gave her some cash after taking the photo. She was scavenging through the previous days trash at five in the morning, carrying her baby in her arms. I am glad I did as 20 rupees brought the brightest smile I have witnessed in a long time.


Ignore your Subjects and Wear Headphones.

As Street Photographers, we are encouraged to interact with those whose images we capture. Advice is fantastic, but this particular opinion is close to being portrayed as fact. Time after time I have read articles that state the importance of talking to those we photograph. We are encouraged to ‘seek permission’ and to ‘share our work’ with those we photograph. This advice is not without merit and is critical if we want to learn more about the cultures we are immersing ourselves within. However, it can be best not to run with the herd when advice has such waves of similarity and to seek ways to buck the trend.

Muslim Lady

Passing by Unnoticed.

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Mid-Year Musings

A Personal Reflection

As most of my regular readers know, I work as a teacher in India (at the wonderful Canadian International School). Teaching Internationally has provided me with opportunities to stay in countries for an extended period of time and to explore areas that would be missed as a tourist. My vocation also provides ample holiday time to explore and photograph different parts of the world. This Summer I plan to travel to the Himalayas and to Thailand. Hopefully, the Himalayas will provide plenty of local flavours for Street Photography, as well as open the doors to play with my neglected landscape skills.

Going For Worship

Multicultural Bangalore

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