Street Photography Quiz…

How Cool Are You?

As most of my readers know. Street Photography is the coolest of the photography genres. There are many reasons for this, but before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s look at why we are so damn cool.

  • Landscape photographers are just weird. Who gets up at sunrise and wants to carry a tripod all day?
  • Minimalist photographers don’t have much substance.
  • Macro Photographers don’t see the big picture
  • Boudoir photographers (we’re just jealous)
  • Studio Photographers don’t get out enough.

However, not all Street Photographers are born equal. Some are much cooler that others. To see how you rank, please take the quiz below. Each answer has points next to it, be honest and let others know how cool you really are. Ready?


What is the main type of camera you use for Street Photography?

  1. DSLR (1)
  2. Film SLR (3)
  3. Bridge/ Compact Camera (2)
  4. Mirrorless with Interchangeable lens (2)
  5. Film Range Finder (5)
  6. Medium format (Digital) (-2)
  7. Medium Format (Film) (4)

How do you carry your camera?

  1. Wrist strap that came with camera (0)
  2. Bespoke leather wrist strap (3)
  3. Above – If Eric Kim’s Design (3.5)
  4. Neck Strap that came with camera (1)
  5. Retro Looking Neck strap (2)
  6. Neck strap with large ‘Nikon’ or ‘Canon’ graphics (-3)
  7. My assistant does it for me (-7)

What is you primary medium of choice?

  1. Colour Film (1)
  2. B&W Film (3)
  3. Above – Tri X Film – pushed (5)
  4. Colour – Digital (1)
  5. B & W -Digital  (2)

Your main camera for Street Photography is a…

  1. Canon (0)
  2. Nikon (1)
  3. Olympus (5.5)
  4. Fujifilm (5)
  5. Pentax (4)
  6. Ricoh (6)
  7. Lieca (7)
  8. Sigma (3)
  9. Sony (4)
  10. Panasonic (3)

Is your favourite photographer…

  1. Eric Kim (3)
  2. Cartier Bresson (5)
  3. Bruce Gilden (2)
  4. Vivian Maier (5)
  5. Joel Meyerowitz (6)
  6. Other (With comment +5)
  7. Other (No comment left -5)



Do you use flash?

Do you use flash?

  1. Yes, I use on camera flash occasionally. I like the harsh contrast it creates. (5)
  2. Yes, off camera flash is less harsh and creates great looking photos. (4)
  3. A little fill in during bright daylight hours helps my images to ‘pop’. (3)
  4. No, I claim to like natural light as using a flash is far too complicated. (1)

When confronted by someone whose image you have just taken do you…

  1. Apologise and offer to delete the photo. (-3)
  2. Run away (0)
  3. State,’Hey man, this is the street, get real’. (3)

Is your favourite website

  1. DPReview/ PetaPixal (1)
  2. FStoppers (2)
  3. Pagespics (5)
  4. G+ Street Photographers (4)

Have you subscribed to Pagespics yet?

  1. Yes (5)
  2. I’m going to do it now (5)
  3. No (1 – at least you read this far)

I scored 29 (losing points as I do offer to delete photos when asked. So, how did you rank?


Under 10 – Give up now. You are just not cool enough to be a Street Photographer. But just wait, maybe subscribing to Pagespics would help?

11-20 – With a little help you could become cool. Purchasing a Leica could do it. However, subscribing to pagespics would be a much cheaper way to up your ranking!

21-30 – Yeah, you are cool (this is where I am at). You obviously follow pagespics.

31-40 – This is verging on too cool to be realistic. Are you just a hipster. Are you cool AND someone who takes great photos. Maybe you are Eric Kim. If you are Eric Kim and do not subscribe to Pagespics, then you instantly lose 50 points – sorry, that is just the way it rolls.

While you are here, why not check out my latest project, undertaken over two nights in Patong, Thailand.

Thats all for now folks.

Take Care and Keep Clicking, Chris

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