Sony A7iii Banding Issue

I have just completed a shoot where I was using the Sony A7iii in silent shutter mode (electronic shutter). Obviously, my choice to use this mode was to decrease my presence and create a little discretion. I was shooting at night, and the area was lit with multiple florescent and neon lights. This appears to be a sensor issue.

Please note that this only occurred in specific situations. There were no problems using silent shutter in the day (or often at night). This problem only occurs in silent shutter mode. I have uploaded some pics as an example.

More photos, where this problem can still be seen in some cases, can be seen here. I am sure there are some geeky forums online that will explain this banding issue is some technical detail!

Thats all folks, keep clicking. Chris

One Comment on “Sony A7iii Banding Issue

  1. interesting, usually I shoot with silence sutter with my Fuji xt10 and this banding issue happened only once to me when I’ve shot this kind of screen ads, to me it seems to be some interfering light


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