Tango in the Big Mango

This week I received an email from Peter Nitsch, who is looking for support of his Kickstarter Campaign, which he is putting together for his book ‘Tango In The Big Mango’. I usually ignore these emails, but I checked out his website and it all looks legit. The book is based around Bangkok, one of my favourite cities for photography (and a location that I missed this year due to Covid-19). Have a read, check out his website and the kickstarter campaign. It looks like a great book and I am delighted to support the campaign. Alternatively, scan down to the bottom of this email for a link to his website.

Take Care, Chris..

‘Tango In The Big Mango’ – a Baudelaire-like photo documentary about Bangkok, working at a ground zero of now-ness. 

Photo Credit: Peter Nitsch ‘Tango In The Big Mango’


I tend to see this group of works as ‘documentary’ in a unique sense of the word. We tend to think of documentary as something like a capture ‘that is highly instructive and explanatory’, but I see Nitsch’s use of the ‘documentary’ as something far more Baudelaire-like, a split second in time that lends our eye something prior to narrative meaning and description/definition.“ – GREGORY GALLIGAN, Director Thai Art Archives.

A distinctive and raw portrait of contemporary Bangkok and its inhabitants that remains as complicated as inscrutable. Like Tango, Bangkok has influences from many countries. This photographic documentary concept explores the question of identity, and the boundaries between growth and angst – ‘a finite attempt at conceiving of the inconceivability, that is life.’ — RETO F. BRUNNER, Curator photoMÜNCHEN
The photo book ‘Tango in the Big Mango’ shows Bangkok as a city in which the coexistence of different cultures and people from different countries, despite their peculiarities, have found a way to live together. 
The photo book is a mixture of documentary/street and conceptual images. Therefore the book is split into four parts: The main part is documentary/street photography, the other three minor parts are concept based around the themes GREED, GROWTH and ANGST. Together they form the documentary concept ‘Tango in the Big Mango’, that captures the intensity of urban life and barrage of consumption, culture and eccentricity in Bangkok.


English Hardcover 25 cm by 30 cm100 colour plates, 160 pages

Print run planned Release Date: April 2021


For over 2 years, I worked on my own dime for this project. Now, additional funds are needed to complete printing the photo book and to exhibit. I would like to produce the very best book possible: a book without compromise and one whose quality will do justice to the many years of work which went into it’s making.
If you are interested in the book and the story of it, this campaign would be a perfect opportunity to support the project by posting the Kickstarter project:


With your help, the legacy for ‘Tango in the Big Mango’ will be the stunning, collectable photo book that I’m hoping to produce. Your support will make this book possible!  

ABOUT MEPeter Nitsch’s background is located back in the late eighties of the German Skater scene. He studied communication design in Munich, to later graduate as designer from the University of Munich, department of design (specializing in motion design). As on air designer he worked for clients such as Universal Studios, ProSieben, 13th Street, SciFi Channel and United Nations. After that period of time, he returned to concentrate to work on corporate design and photography.
Nitsch has won several international awards both as designer (New York Festival, BDA…) and photographer (Los Angeles International Photography Award, Hasselblad Masters semifinalist…). He is co-founder of the ‘Playboard Magazine‘, ‘RUPA‘ and the former culture blog ‘get addicted to…‘.
In 2020 Nitsch became a life time member of The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand.

Contact Peter Here


Instagram: @peternitsch.gram

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