Quarantine and a Poetry

My two weeks of managed isolation in New Zealand has come to an end and I am currently free to roam. My current home in Blenheim (top of the South Island) will be a challenge for street photography, but there are heaps of interesting people around and some spectacular landscapes to capture.

During isolation I managed to carry out a little photography, and I wrote a poem. First, the photos, click on them to enlarge…

Managed Quarantine

Photography and Poetry

Alec Soth is a Magnum photographer who has discussed the parallels between poetry and photography. You can hear a little about his views on poetry here. With this in mind, I took pen to paper and had a go. Are there other photographers out there who have tried poetry?. Be kind, I have never published a poem before (yes, I know that after reading this there will be someone who begs me never to publish a poem again!).

Well that is it for now. In the meantime, some of you will notice that I have started a re-vamp of my website, and that at the moment it is looking very half-done. Not sure when this job will be finished as I have also got my hands on a old Cosina mechanical camera, and I may fulfil my goal of shooting and processing film. Taking photos is always more fun than maintaining websites!

Keep Clicking, Chris

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