Site Update, more gear, and another poem

As Covid 19 restrictions start to lift, we are hopefully getting back to some Street Photography! While my Sony is off being repaired I am going to be shooting with my trusty Olympus Em5ii AND a new camera…. sort of. I have been loaned a manual Cosina CT1G, which means I am going to be playing with film again. The camera is matched with a 50mm 1:7 Pentax prime lens, a favourite focal length of mine. Apparently this lens works best around f4, so we will see how it goes!

This week I have been dipping into the Annie Leibovitz ‘Teaches Photography’ course. I’m going to look at two salient issues discussed during this Masterclass. The first is the importance of photographing family and friends. Family tend to have more patience than strangers. They also get used to you and forget that you are there, providing the opportunity for a candid frame. As usual, I like to edit my family pics in black and white, just so they differ from my other work. Some of the most iconic photo projects have come from studies of family and friends, and here I am thinking of Sally Man’s ‘Immediate Family’ and Nan Golding’s, ‘The Ballad of Sexual Dependency’. Both great books that should hold a place on any photographers shelf.

Candid Family Shot – Taken during quarantine.

The second area of study that Leibovitz addresses is that of editing your photos. I have just finished editing and re-touching photos from India and China. It is funny how images change over time when you keep going back and looking at them again. Please read on for the links to these galleries.

Site Update

I am slowly re-building this site, and trying to encourage a little more navigation, while clearing up some of the rubble that has accumulated. I have updated two pages of images, which include some of my favourite images from India and China. Many of these photos have been re-edited, so feel free to have a look! It’s taken a fair bit of time, but there is still a long way to go with the rest of the site.




Some strange things have been happening with Pagespics since Covid entered the communal bloodstream of planet earth. There have been photos of family, pictures of flowers, and even poetry. Thanks to the many thousands of you who responded with your kind words about the last poem (yeah right). Since so man of you requested another one, I put my pen to paper and made this little number. It is dedicated to al those that consistently need to buy more gear (an affliction commonly knows as GAS, Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

Keep Clicking, Chris

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