Colour v B&W

Sometimes colour works well and sometimes pics look great in B&W. Check out the picture below. Which version do you prefer, and, can you explain why? Personally I like the colour version. In the shot the colours compliment each other. The red spirals around from the table to the door, on the way it passes the ladies contrasting blue apron.

Let me know your thoughts and keep clicking!

Cheap Camera Challenge

I recently purchased a camera for 40RMB (about $8). It was a small Olympus film camera. I loaded it up with some B+W film and carried around with me for a couple of weeks. I am posting my best 3 photos here.

Using film was an interesting experience. You definitely shoot less when you have to pay to develop the film. Also this camera was a point and shoot. No focusing or having to choose any particular setting as you have no choice.

Keep an eye open for these camera, they are being sold at give-away prices if you keep an eye out. Using them is becoming a unique, yet rewarding experience.


Luban Lu

I took this shot on the way to the Luban Lu camera mall, an amazing place and I will post a blog about it soon. On the way out of the Metro station I encountered this performing dog. The crowds parted just enough to make an interesting frame around the edge of the shot.

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