Cheap Camera Challenge

I recently purchased a camera for 40RMB (about $8). It was a small Olympus film camera. I loaded it up with some B+W film and carried around with me for a couple of weeks. I am posting my best 3 photos here.

Using film was an interesting experience. You definitely shoot less when you have to pay to develop the film. Also this camera was a point and shoot. No focusing or having to choose any particular setting as you have no choice.

Keep an eye open for these camera, they are being sold at give-away prices if you keep an eye out. Using them is becoming a unique, yet rewarding experience.


Luban Lu

I took this shot on the way to the Luban Lu camera mall, an amazing place and I will post a blog about it soon. On the way out of the Metro station I encountered this performing dog. The crowds parted just enough to make an interesting frame around the edge of the shot.

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