CIS Photography 101

Hi Guys and Girls. Welcome to the summer photography programme, provided by Most of you know me as Mr. Page. Here you can call me Chris, or Mr. Page, I don’t mind. Just don’t call me Sir! Through this course you will be challenged to produce a number of photographs that have been set to a weekly theme. These photos are to be uploaded and commented on using Google Classroom and Instagram. The course is open to all students from CIS, and each task can be completed using any camera or phone.

About Your Teacher

My love for photography came from both my parents. My dad was a cameraman, and my mum was a keen photographer. I remember having a camera in my hands from a very young age, learning how to manually focus the the lens and how to frame a subject. Later in life, I started traveling and teaching abroad. To be honest, I preferred the traveling to the teaching, and my love of photography grew as a way to record my travels and memories. As a teacher I have a love for learning, and have taken numerous lessons and classes that have helped me to grow as a photographer. Hopefully, through this summer course, I can share some of these lessons with you all.

Photos Record Memories!


As with anything in life, you will get out of this what you put in. This is not compulsory and I am not going to chase you up for incomplete tasks. Take part because you enjoy it, there is nothing you have to do. However, if you do choose to follow all of this course, you will emerge a better photographer. I promise! At the end of this course we will look at putting on a public exhibition of your work. I will provide weekly critique on the images you post. I may even try to do this on my youtube channel.

Task 1

Please join our Google Classroom. I have posted the code below. All communication is to be through Google Classroom, or here at pagespics where you are encouraged to use the comments section. In addition, please make sure you follow pagespics, as this will make sure you get updated each time I create a new blogpost.

Classroom code: q2e2woi

Once you have joined the classroom please say hello and post ONE photo you have taken in the past. Make sure it is a photo that you are proud of! Secondly, please tell everyone why you are here and your goals for the course. Remember, writing down a goal is the often the first step to achieving it!

TASK 1: Join Google Classroom, post a favourite photo, and say hello!
One of my favourite Street Photos.

Please be respectful when commenting on other peoples images. You may also post images to Instagram using the hashtag: #CIS_Photography101. If you choose to use Instagram as well as our google classroom, you must inform you parents. Photos are subject to public comments in Instagram and are out of my control! New tasks will come out every Monday, starting from the 29th June. Please make sure you have joined our classroom and have completed the first task before Monday.

Once again, thanks for joining photography101. We are going to have a blast.

Keep Clicking, Chris

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