CIS Photography Part 2

The Kitchen Shoot


This week’s task is about having some fun, and you can complete all the tasks in your home. You may use any gear you like for this challenge. My examples were all taken with my phone and edited using Snapseed. Here are a couple more examples.

The Challenge

  • Time: One Hour of Photography, and as long as you need to edit the photos.
  • Gear: Any camera (Phone, DSLR, Bridge, Pocket)
  • Instructions: Take your camera to the kitchen and shoot it for an hour. Try looking for patterns and abstractions. Examples could be the cutlery draw, over the gas hob (make sure it is off) and inside the refrigerator. Make sure to edit your photos. If you are using a phone, I recommend using Snapseed, which is a free app. If you are going to edit your images on a computer then I recommend speaking to someone about which app to purchase. I can talk to you about this on zoom.
  • Upload: Upload the images to our Google Classroom and to Instagram. Remember to use the hashtag #CIS_Photography101. I will make comment and give feedback in the google classroom.
  • Only upload your best 3 images to the Google Classroom.

Advanced Class

Did you like the top photo? Here are the instructions for a ‘fruit shot’.

  • Take a slice of fruit. Kiwi, orange, and pineapple all work well.
  • Place the fruit on a window with the sun behind the fruit.
  • Take your photo!
  • Crop and edit your photo.

That is all for today folks. I look forward to seeing your images. Missed task 1? Here is the link.

Make sure you have joined our google classroom!

Only upload 3 images to the google classroom for each task!

Keep Clicking, Chris.

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