The Abstract Photo

Abstract photography is very fun and can be undertaken at home using any camera you like. The photos above were taken on a DSLR, mounted on a tripod. This was used with a single speedlight (flash), that was mounted off the camera. But don’t panic if that sounds too complicated. You can achieve great results with just a camera phone and a reading light.

Top Tips for Bubble Photography

  • Make your bubble mix with water and a generous amount of washing up liquid. Let the liquid sit for about an hour, this will help create better bubbles.
  • Take your photos against a black background. If you do not have a black background, just use a dark sheet.
  • Position a light off to the side of the bubbles when you take the photo.
  • Edit your photos. Again, Snapseed is a great free image editor.

Advanced Project

If you have time on your hands, then I strongly recommend trying oil and water photography. There is a great description and set of instruction that can be found using the link provided… The examples I have published were taken when I ran a photography class in China. This project can get a bit messy, but is well worth it!


Please upload your three best images to our google classroom. I will have a look at them and give as much feedback as I can. I know I am behind with the portrait challenge, but I am looking forward to seeing what you have done. Please email me you best 10 images, taken throughout this project. From this I will create an online exhibition. I can’t download your images from the google classroom, so they must me emailed. Use my school email address.


Bangalore is in lockdown from the 14th, so we can have a hangout on the 15th July @ 1.30 India time. I will give you detailed feedback on some of your photos, and take a look at how they could be edited. I will also take all your questions suggestions. Lastly, thanks to the person who purchased me a coffee! You know who you are and you rock :-).

Peace all, stay safe and keep clicking, Chris (aka Mr. Page)

If you enjoy following this blog, use this link to buy me a coffee! Support is appreciated.

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