Hongzhen Lu Project

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The Butcher


Prostitution in Hongzhen Lu


Candid Shot of lady in an Alley.


Seeking Smiles

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The Cobbler ii

pagespics-1-of-1-2The ritual of fire to ward of the spirits.

pagespics-1-of-1-3Life so often spills out on the street. This tiny room shows why.

pagespics-1-of-1Girl eats her noodles after school.

pagespics-1-of-2Another area is getting demolished. The rubble forming a perfect playground.

pagespics-1-of-4Life goes on.

pagespics-1-of-7Young girl playing in a small entrance where eggs are sold.

Nearby this guy takes a break and has a snooze.

pagespics-2-of-4Surprised by my camera, but did not appear to mind.

pagespics-2-of-7A discarded poster makes a great foreground for the dilapidated housing beyond.

pagespics-3-of-4Nice weather guarantees that work will happen outside.

pagespics-3-of-7This guy was one of the last to stay in the this housing block. Here he still tends the remains of his garden.

Haunting eye.

pagespics-4-of-7A kitchen.

pagespics-5-of-7This guys home is nestled in the alleyways around Hongzhen Lu.

pagespics-6-of-7Many of the Hutongs (Alleys) will have a cobbler at the end to fix shoes. This guy is still there and is always happy to have his picture taken.

pagespics-1-of-1-2Prostitution is rife amongst the alleyways.


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