KR Market

KR Market (Krishna Rajendra Market), also referred to as City Market, is at the centre of Bangalore. I have been visiting KR Market over the last three years, and continue to explore the secrets it holds and the lanes that surround it.

Please contact me if you are interested in a private photography tour and workshop of this exciting area!

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Random Models Appear
Man with Basket
Colour Explosion
Man With Fly on Head
Flowers for Sale
Flower Girl
Morning Flower Weavers
Street Portrait
Lady with Flowers
Artsy Fartsy Blurred Shot
Another Portrait…
Lady I Spot Every Week
Bloke Selling Flowers
Peacock Feathers
Smiling Worker
Don’t Sit Here
Sugarcane Corner
Man with Basket
Fruit for Sale
Tea Time
Sugarcane Corner mkii
Bloke with Forehead Wrinkles
Flowers Geta Trim
Beady Eyed Man
Man with Notepad
Another bloke with a basket on his head
Who is Sam?
Women Flower Weavers