Three days in Mumbai. What could possibly go wrong? Not much actually.

Sassoon Fish Market
Blue Bowl
Steel Worker (Grant Street East)
Steel Worker (Grant Street East)
‘Why do you want to take my photo?’ he asked. ‘I like your beard.’
Bakery, near Sassoon Port
Man at Rest
Steel Worker (Grant Street East)
Man with Pink Hat
Weight of Paper
Mr Green
Trash (Marine Drive)
Pulling Hair
Leg Up
‘Alone,’ Marine Drive
Dhobi Ghat
Chai Time (Dhobi Ghat)
Worker (Dhobi Ghat)
Very Posed!
Dhobi Ghat Worker
Ironing (near Chor Bizaar)
Portrait of Girl @ Dharavi Slum
Taken whilst having Chai (Near Chor Bazzar)
Bird Man (Mumbai South)
Worli Fishing Village