Three New Years Resolutions…

… you may wish to ignore

The booze has worn off and it’s back to work. At this time of year we start thinking about improving our lives and our photography. Once again I find myself promising to eat less and exercise more. But what photography resolutions are there to be made? There is a plethora of advise available on what to do in 2020, but I remain sceptical on some of the ideas published.

I have added three photos to this post, all taken during my last photo walk of 2019.

When life gives you lemons, sell lemons.

Always have a camera on you.

Firstly, we always have a phone on us anyway. But should you always have your pro, or street camera with you? I think not and here is why. When I have my camera on me I am always switched on and looking for a shot. I find it hard to forget about it. There are times I just want to chill out and relax. Yes I may miss an award winning photo opportunity, but dare I say it, some things are better off seen without the camera. Lastly I believe that to be creative you need a break from what you love – even for a little while. So occasionally, put down the camera and look up to smell the roses.

I couldn’t find a photo of roses….

Don’t Buy New Gear

We are often warned against GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), and are urged to stick with one camera and one lens for a year. This novel idea for a resolution is ‘guaranteed’ to make you a better photographer. I’m not convinced that less is always more. I generally use a 50mm prime lens, but sometime I want to go wider and use my 35mm lens. This Christmas I purchased a 28-75mm zoom, which will be great for travel. People should feel free to get the gear they need to do the job they want. One lens does not do everything, don’t believe the hype!

Woman and dog who were under a lorry

Start a Project

Starting a project is a great idea. However, if you are not engaged in a project then do not panic. During 2019 I became obsessed with finding the next ‘big’ project, often letting my desire for something new obscure the tasks at hand (and I had a lot of projects on the go anyway). This was crazy! During December I forgot about travel and street photography, instead I focused on candid images of family and friends. As a result I am now bristling with ideas for 2020. The take away from this is that projects are important, but taking a break from them can be priceless.

That all for today folks, keep clicking.


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