Hongzhen Lu

This weekend I went back to my favourite haunting ground for shooting documentary/ street photography. Another block is being knocked down and there will soon be nothing left of this, once vibrant community. Out of all my photos taken in China, these are my favourite. The people are (generally) warm kind and generous in revealing glimpses of their lives to the camera, and ultimately to me. Here are three recent photos.

If you would like to join me in a photoshoot around this area, hit me up soon!  Enjoy the pics and keep clicking!

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6 Comments on “Hongzhen Lu

  1. Hi Chris,

    Love your shots from this area. I think I saw your presentation a while back at one of the photography conferences (around Hongqiao Lu red town) as well and really enjoyed that.

    I live in Shanghai and would love to join on a photo walk to this area before it is all torn down!



      • Hi Chris,

        Thanks for the reply.

        I’m away this weekend but around next week. Will send SMS.

        Cheers, Oscar


      • Any plans to go this weekend or next? 13917884804


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