Street v’s Travel Photography

It has been a while since my last post as I have been fortunate enough to be taking a month out in sunny Thailand. When not relaxing by the pool and catching up on my reading (last book, A Decent Ride, Irvine Welsh) I have been out shooting using the fantastic Ricoh Grii.

Anyway, I started to wonder if what I was shooting was street photography or travel photography. Still not sure (or even wonder if it matters), but, it is harder! Here are some key points relating to the differences I have noticed:

  1. Location. Lots of the locations are obviously very touristy (I am a tourist, after all), therefore the shots don’t have the ‘grit’ of a street shot. What do I mean by ‘grit’? Here, I would refer to Bruce Gilden’s quote, ‘if you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it’s a street photograph…’.    He knows what he is talking about, check out his website
  2. People. Shooting in Shanghai I have learnt to read people quite well. I know when to take a photo and when not to. In a new place the people are different, it takes time to work out how to go about taking a shot – particularly when taking street portraits. However, you can still spot the shots that are NOT safe to take. If you point a camera at someone and you get obvious aggression, put it away!
  3. Time. Good photography takes time, and this often mean time spent alone (I can’t spend time taking street photography when I am with my family, it gets in the way of the photography ‘flow’.) Do I want to spend my time chasing down alleyways and on the side of a street, or do I just want to chill by the pool?

Anyway – as always let me know your thoughts. Keep clicking and stay happy. Right – I’m off to the pool! (1 of 1)-4



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