Street Photography #4 Buy Books

Buy books, do something different, develop your own style and steal ideas… hopefully this is a post that will point newbies and seasoned Street Photographers to sources of inspiration.

I try to develop my own style but I probably never will. I get bored too easily and always want to try something new. Lately I have been getting back into film. Portra 400ISO and a 50mm lens on my Nikon body = my new best friend. I will get over it soon I am sure, maybe… At the moment though I am obsessed. I want to slow everything down and focus manually, sitting and waiting for photo opportunities to open up. If you sit anywhere long enough you become invisible.

untitled shoot_ChrisPage_059

What has this got to do with my tip? If you buy books you will see that successful photographers don’t follow the rules so often imposed by others – but you know, to hell with what others think. One of my favourite Street Photography books is ‘The World Atlas of Street Photography’, by Jackie Higgins.

Here are some links to artists featured in ‘The World Atlas of Street Photography’. I have tried to choose examples that are very different from the norms of photography. Explore and enjoy.

Yasmine Chatila  “Stolen Moments’

Here Yasmine acts as a voyeur using a telephoto lens. Typical ‘Street’? Not at all. Successful? Oh yes!

Vera Lutter

Photos are taken without a camera. Weird huh – go and find out how. These shots tell a story and are super creative!

 Peter Funch

Street Photography that is 100% posed – intruder, get him out! There are some great examples of non-traditional crops here.

 Philip-Lorca Dicorcia

‘Heads’.  A wonderful and very non-traditional project. This link takes you to the MOMO site, have fun hunting for this project.

Mirko Martin – Los Angeles

Here scenes from movie sets are entwined with real life. We are left not knowing which is which.

 Michael Wolf

So many projects worth looking at.  I like many of his still life shots, scenes from cities that often do not include any people.

 Paul Graham

Pictures bleached to nothing and many other great projects. I think projects may be a way forward for my own photography. Focus on one thing and then try another.

 Oscar Fernando Gomez

Street Photography taken without leaving the car! Interesting views from a Taxi.

Txema Salvans – ‘The Waiting Game’

Demonstrates how patiently hanging around can help you get the shots you want (with a little disguise).

Melanie Manchot

More posed street photography (and lots more). Check out the grainy shots of ‘Fight’. As so often is the case, photos that have a ‘flaw’ can carry the most character.

Jiang Pengyi

Fine art meets cityscape meets street photography. Brilliant. Repeat after me… ‘I must get better with Photoshop’.

Nobuyoshi Araki

Medium format camera on a tripod? This does not sound like Street Photography. However, he is one of the most successful photographers out there. His photography is not always safe for work, describing his camera as a ‘constant erection’.

So there you go – some examples of some very different Street Photography (and more). Click on the links and explore why these photographers are so different. Get inspired and step outside the box. Try something new. Steal ideas and make them your own.

untitled shoot_ChrisPage_075

Unconventional Crops, an idea worth ‘stealing!’ Shot using Portra 400.

Go buy the book, why not get it from a book store? I am over photoblogs making links to Amazon!

In the meantime… i’m slowing down and will try and work more with film.

Keep Clicking, Chris



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