Learning Street Photography.

“If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.”
— Jim Richardson


Auto Rickshaw

To become better at what we do, we need to learn our craft…

With inboxes crammed of ‘how to’ and study guides, you would have thought learning photography would be easy. Professional photographers publish 1000’s of blog posts on everything from camera settings to rules of composition. I have learned an awful lot from many of these sites, which are often full of fantastic pictures. However, is this flux of information leading to better Street Photography?

Learning requires social interaction. We need to talk to each other. I do this through a number of sites, some of which are: The Arcanum, the G+ Street Photographers’ group, and occasionally, Facebook. Another way to learn is to look for photographic groups in your local community. Photographers are generally a friendly bunch and are happy to share locations and tips. Often, when I head out with fellow photographers, I will spot someone taking photos using a very different approach to what I would have done. Through these communities you can gain valuable input into your photography. Learning is more than receiving 100’s of likes. Critique is an invaluable part learning. Find people who can pull apart your photos and state what your next steps needs to be.

The photo below was framed with my latest learning goal in mind, i.e ‘layering’. It is not quite good enough to make it into my portfolio (although I may change my mind if it grows on me…). However, the photo clearly achieves what I was setting out to do as there are three elements in different layers that come together within the frame. What do you think? How could I have improved this picture? Please feel free to message me your thoughts. In return, if you would like some critique on one of your photos, contact me and I will help. I love Street Photography, but it is a genre that gets a lot of grief. We can work together to learn, create, and improve!


Thanks for dropping by,

Keep clicking, Chris

3 Comments on “Learning Street Photography.

  1. Chris, the main subject is the woman in the centre of the frame. And she is not accented, she is lost between the cow and whatever it is on the left. I would cut the left part of the photo. It has no information for a viewer. Try to make it vertikal or square 🙂


  2. Thanks for the feedback Alex, I will give it a go, although I quite like seeing the inside of the auto rickshaw. I wish she was not holding the green bottle. When I took this photo I was trying to achieve a layered look, something I am still working on. Loved your site btw, your photos remind me of the work of Nick Turpin.


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