London, a New Camera and a Couple of Books.


Bit of a laid-back and lazy blog post today – just ‘cos that is the way I am feeling. First up London. I did not get a chance to do any Street Photography in London as it was a whirlwind stop over and there were far too many other things to do. However, I was staying just behind the Tate Modern and managed to take the photo below from the viewing tower. Although this looks like an architectural photo, I took a while to find some people that would stand out in the gap between the two buildings. I believe that the inclusion of the two people, who are defined, place this photo into the classification of Street. The inclusion of the two people also add a story to the shot, where are they going, and why are there so few people in such a large area? As always, I would love to here your views – ‘what is street photography?’ is a hotly debated topic!


View from the Tate Modern

Larry Fink, on Composition and Improvisation

The Tate Modern has a beautiful collection of books on Photography. I purchased ‘Larry Fink, on Composition and Improvisation. Larry’s photos consistently fill the frame with action and a story. This book does not contain stark minimalism and negative space! I chose this book as I often feel that my photos are too minimalist – often to the point where I am cloning out distractions in search of the ‘perfect frame.’ Of course, the perfect frame does not exist, but looking through this book, I can see numerous ways that my work can continue to grow. The second book I purchased is ‘Why It Does Not Have To Be In Focus – Modern Photography Explained,’ by Jackie Higgins. Again, my choice of book is pulling me away from ‘perfect frames’ and towards greater experimentation – an example of which is below!


Taken at the Tate Modern Viewing Tower. My Son appears in the frame on the right – at least he has a camera in hand!

The Sony Rx100 iv

Since my Ricoh Gr died, I have been looking for a small compact camera. I have gone with the Sony Rx100 iv. It is tiny and goes into my pocket, while still having a reasonably sized sensor. With this camera I lose a lot of creativity – so it will never replace my Olympus. The camera will likely remain in Aperture Priority mode, and I will leave the computer to set the white balance and ISO. With a couple of clicks, the camera also appears to know what I want to be in focus, although I have no idea of the magic that is at work here. Tomorrow I will try this camera out for Street Photography, as I am in a small Market Town, which should be busy on Easter Monday (starting with a canoe race on the canal). As ever, I will let you know how I get on.

One last ‘plug’ – I purchased my second camera bag made by ‘Crumpler’, these are excellent camera bags and I strongly recommend their gear.

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2 Comments on “London, a New Camera and a Couple of Books.

  1. Only just read your comment! Thanks for sharing the Eric Kim post. What he says rings true. Maybe we should all become anti-street photographers!


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