Slowing Down…

I hate to have a week when I do not post (I get the shakes). This week I was going to post the feedback received from my LensCulture competition entry, but the site is not playing ball with my very poor internet connection. The spoiler is that I did not win – what do they know, pah!

I am now in the Himalayas , India. Not a lot of Street Photography. However there are some great opportunities for portrait photography. I broke my golden rule with the lady below and gave her some cash after taking the photo. She was scavenging through the previous days trash at five in the morning, carrying her baby in her arms. I am glad I did as 20 rupees brought the brightest smile I have witnessed in a long time.


What next?

I am off to a place called Spiti and am unlikely to have any internet access. Whilst taking a camera, my computer will be left at base. I should be visiting the highest village reachable by vehicle, I wonder if this means I will be able to take the highest Street Photo in the world? The route I am on is also claimed to be the most dangerous road in the world (Don’t worry Mum, I will be careful and have backup!). Lastly, Spiti is an ideal place for shooting Star Trails, something I have never tried before.


Pagespics will slow down a little over my Summer Break. However, I am looking forward to shooting in Bangkok. After Bangkok I have a Beach Photography Challenge that has come through from the #Stepoutphotography Collective. The collective has recently been joined by Ed Wight, and it is fantastic to see the group growing in strength. You can see his work here…


Take Care and Keep Clicking, Chris

(No logo today – the Internet is very poor. I may make it a travel rule, to always end up in an area where there is no connection!)




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