Zack Arias Challenge

Numerous photo challenges were set during the world’s period of isolated lockdown. I started three and finished one! This challenge was set by Zack Arias (google him), and was to make a short video of the time spent in lockdown. Now the challenge is completed, I wish I had taken more video. The exercise has definitely made me think that I really don’t use my camera to it’s full capabilities by being a ‘stills photo purist’.

I’ll warn you now – there is nothing super exciting here to see. The final product is more for my own memories than anything else. Watch if will, you have been warned! However, I will not return the 2:16 of your life.

Other Challenges?

I did try two other challenges. One set by the rather fantastic Ted Forbes, and another by Thomas Heaton – look em up on youtube if you don’t follow these challenges already. Neither of these task took off, but maybe I’ll look at them again on a rainy day. Currently my challenge is to continue to record my time in Blenheim, ideally with some superbly shot street photography! Drop a line below if there is a challenge you have completed – don’t forget to leave a link to share your work.

Keep Clicking, Chris

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