My Covid 19 Diary

This is more of a personal page and is a diary of my days under lockdown in Bangalore. Photos have been captured around my home, NCC Meadows in Yelahanka. On the occasions I leave the compound, I do take my camera and manage to record some of the life outside.

My friend, Elsa, You can see her smile through the mask!
There is time to practice panning by the front gate of the compound.
Walking & talking with the fantastic Nadege.
Too man of these!
Freshly squeezed juice has been one treat while locked down.
Spaced out, before all cramming into the supermarket.
Not quiet 2 metres
The chips are cold now…
My friend Susan
The quietest this road gets
Our guards are fantastic
Yelahanka New Town

This diary will be regularly updated. Why not make your own?

Take care and keep clicking! Chris

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