The Philippines

philippines (11 of 12)

Girls will be Girls

philippines (12 of 12)

Lady (Cebu Slum)

philippines (10 of 12)

Alley Life and a Smile

philippines (7 of 12)

Cigarette Break

philippines (6 of 12)

Bets Placed at Cock Fight

philippines (4 of 12)

Preparation for Cock Fight

philippines (3 of 12)


philippines (2 of 12)

Street Art

philippines (1 of 12)

Portrait of Village Lady (Bohol)

philippines (1 of 1)

Jesus and Coca Cola

philippines (1 of 3)

Shitboy/ Manilla

philippines (2 of 3)

Portrait/ Manilla slum area.

philippines (3 of 3)

Lady/ Manilla

2 Comments on “The Philippines

  1. I enjoyed photographing the people of the Philippines. The photographic opportunities are endless and most people are more than happy to have their photo taken. Some great shots mate


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