The Shanghai Photography Exhibition

robert-capa-spectators-at-longchamp-racecourse-parisPhotograph by Robert Capa, Spectators at Longchamp Racecourse.

This photo was used for the promotional material for the exhibition. Robert Capa was one of the founding members of Magnum Photography.

Three Photographers I learnt from at the Shanghai Photography Exhibition

This weekend Shanghai hosted the World Photography Exhibition. This was a wonderful place for inspiration with lots of idea’s to borrow and steal. There were also a wonderful array of photos to purchase, if you happen to be extremely rich!

  1. Marc Riboud


Photograph: Marc Riboud

One of the most inspiring photographers ever. Marc Riboud visited China twice. During his stay the weather was so cold his film became damaged, leaving interested ‘flaws’ in many of his photographs.

I was fortunate enough to listen to a speech analysing his life and work. What did I learn? Marc Riboud spent time with his subjects and got to know many of them. The surprise of the speech came at the end. Riboud found the lady in this photo many years later and at the end of the speech she stood up, now probably being in her mid sixties.

Marc Riboud has recently passed away. However, his iconic images are with us forever. Go explore his site


Photograph: Jacob Gils

2. Jacob Gils  

I was fortunate enough to meet Jacob Gils and learned how this picture was taken. The movement in the picture is made by the photographer taking repeated shots of the same phenomenon from slightly different positions. I love the effect and it is a technique I will definitely try. This would push me out of my comfortable position of just being a street photographer.

What did I learn? Always be ready to try something new, and don’t be afraid to use ideas from other photographers and develop them into something you can call your own. Gils is not the first photographer to use multiple exposures, but his work is something quite distinct and unique.

Look at more of his work @

imgres       Photograph: Ian Teh

3. Ian Teh

Having just written a post about finding great photos on your doorstep, I now find myself yearning for further travels. Ian Teh has some great photographs of China. Teh is not an artist I had heard of, yet the picture above inspired me to explore his work further. What did I learn? Never lose the urge to explore and find locations that inspire great photography.

Check out his website @

Keep Clicking, Chris



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