Street Photography Resolutions, 2017

Another year over! I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hanukkah or whatever floats your boat. It’s now time to look towards next year and think about Street Photography resolutions for 2017.

Here are mine.

1. Stick to one camera. OK, this is a thinly veiled excuse for purchasing new gear. Time to say goodbye to my Nikon D7100, it is just too heavy for Street Photography. However…

2. FujiFilm X-T2. This camera looks awesome. I will purchase one when they come down in price

3. Stick to colour. I like colour and the world is a colourful place.

pagespics-1-of-1-2Rocking this pink dressing gown, it would not be the same in Black and White!

4. Stick to black and white. OK, I’ll break my last rule for some B+W Street Portraits, which are slowly becoming a ‘thing’ of mine….

pagespics-1-of-1-3My internal battle with Colour v Black and White continues into 2017.

5. Shoot every day. I will start walking to work (the interesting way). Hopefully, the walk will help me shed a few pounds as well.

6. Take more abstract and cityscape photos. I am in Shanghai for six more months; the cityscape is fantastic. I must shoot more of it and not get too hung up on just shooting Street Photography.

pagespics-1-of-1-6Street Photography is cool, but sometimes you need to see the wider picture.

7. Take more shots of my family. Is it just my hard drive that is full of photos of strangers?

8. Get my son out more often when I shoot Street Photography. I like to work alone, but it is special when my son comes along.

9. Spend less time post-processing and focus on getting it right ‘in camera’.

pagespics-1-of-1-5A strong background helped create a shot requiring little post-processing.

10. Develop my blog. This year I will post once a week (OK mostly once a week) and maybe it is time to try a Vlog?

What are your resolutions? Feel free to steal mine. As ever, feel free to make a comment or drop an idea.

Happy clicking, Chris.

3 Comments on “Street Photography Resolutions, 2017

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  2. You say stick to colour but heavens above, your monochromes are less to be ignored. Why a battle. Keep shooting both? It’s obviously working. 🙏😉😉


    • Thanks Fullspectra. Monochrome can look gorgeous and definitely simplifies a scene. I just think the world is a wonderfully colourful place and it is nice that colour can be used to celebrate it.

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