PagesPics Street Photography Basics

Part 3 of a 3 part series:  What to do with your street photography.

OK, this is my third article so you should be getting to know me by now, I will lead with a rare photo of me and the beautiful Faye Page, shot taken by the talented artist Zakea Page.


Now I have advised you on what camera to get and told you how to take a photo (summary – get closer, use a wide angle). In case you missed them, here are the links to part 1 and part 2 of this three-part series.

So, now you have followed my advise and got a hard drive full of excellent photos, what do you do with them? Here are ten ideas.

1. Get your photos critiqued. Have someone tell you if they are any good. The best place for advise is over at the Arcanum. You will become a better photographer, I promise.

2. Post them online. Here I am going to promote Street Photographers. It is a g+ website which I help moderate, and there is a section for critique.

3. Email your shots to me, I will post a critique here! So, yeah, critique has made it into the first three most important things to do with your photos. Ignore at your peril!


I was really happy with this photo, but when it was critiqued friends were concerned the background was too shiny and distracting. Using masking tools in Lightroom I dulled the background considerably, making the girl pop out in the foreground of the picture.

4. Number 4 is number 1. Only post your best work. People judge you based on what they see. Post 1 great photo a week, people will think you are awesome. Post 2 great pictures a week and five that are poor? People will think you are another average Joe. The exception here is if you are not sure about a shot – then post it for critique.

5. Flickr, Instagram, 500px, Google+, Facebook (my kids tell me this is for old people now). Choose as many as you can keep up with. I post to my google+ sites and to flickr (I’m a little slack on this). For Facebook, I post to a Nikon D7100 group and a Ricoh Gr group; I like to see what other people are achieving with the cameras I have. To be honest, I spend more time lurking in Facebook than posting.

6. Make a book. Shutterfly appears to be the most popular site for this. I am going to try using Blurb; you can create a book for publishing on Amazon.

7. Put your portfolio together as a Video and post it on Youtube. I should use Vimeo; it’s cooler. I last did this over a year ago, so it is another plan for over Christmas. Need music? Look to MobyGratis, an excellent artist who gives away music for free (for non-professional use, but hey, if you are professional you are probably not reading this article).

8. Print them, frame them and stick them up on the wall. The guy who sold the potato shot for a million dollars did this. If the shot was not on the wall, they purchaser would never have seen it.

9. Make a calendar of your photos. A friend just did this, and it looked cool. Too late for 2017, so a plan for next year.

10. This links back to the critique, do go back and re-visit your photos. Try re-processing them. Did you post the shot in colour? Then try B&W. Was is a landscape? Try a portrait or square crop. Was it an excellent background, but the subject a little soft? Go back and re-shoot.


Try different crops, the edges of this photo were very distracting, so a square crop was the solution.

That all from me folks. The weather is good, so I am heading out with my Nikon today, with my 35mm lens.

Keep Clicking and have fun, Chris.

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