The Arcanum Sphere II

For those of you who have not heard of The Arcanum, it is a photography-based learning pathway, designed by Trey Ratcliff, an inspirational photographer; see his work at

At the Arcanum, Masters select Students, and I have spent the last four months working with Wes Hardaker of He is an awesome photographer and a great teacher. The focus of my studies have been on minimisation, and I posted my initial thoughts here.

I learned how to strip down a photo and select the subject. Simplification led to the inclusion of additional elements.


The wall, posts and writing were already there. I sat and waited for different kids to walk in and out of the shot. Who knows what this boy was thinking?

I do not think that photography is something we ever master 100%, there are always ways to improve. I think my Arcanum experience has helped to create some images that are pretty special. As always, let me know what you think. Go check out the Arcanum, you may get closer to photography Nirvana!

Here are some of my favourite photos that I took for my final critique. Enjoy. Thanks to everyone who has helped me on my learning pathway (including the FAACers!).

Feel free to comment – communication means a lot and is really appreciated!

Keep clicking, Chris.


Steam Buns being cooked close to Nanjing East Road, Shanghai


Lady laughing at a neighbour from the doorstep of her house.


Little boy lost. There is an alternative shot of this boy somewhere here!


I’ve posted this shot before, but it is one of my favourite ever shots.

If you made it this far – well done. I hope to entering sphere 3 soon. Watch this space…

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