Street Photography #2 Have Fun…

This is where it gets strange. I’m writing 10 tips within ten tips – it is all going to get a little Inception influenced. Hold on…. spin that top.

  • Find people who are looking chilled and relaxed. Point your camera at them and wait for them to get annoyed, then take the photo. Collect these photos and publish them in B+W, add lots of grain. Complain to the world that everyone looks angry nowadays, lament the days of film and smoke an unfiltered Gitane.
  • Be unethical, the world has enough ethics. If anyone complains inform them that as far as you are concerned Bruce Gilden is unethical and he got a gig working for Magnum.


  • Write a blog post that includes a claim that Bruce Gilden is unethical in the hope he will read it and get into a debate with you. If this does not work make a fake profile for Bruce Gilden and have a debate with yourself. I will do this – watch this space..
  • Dress in black so you look inconspicuous, then on the way out of the house unthinkingly grab the ridiculous looking hat you purchased in Khao San Road one night. Spend the day wondering why you are only getting photos of people looking at you strangely.
  • Take photos whilst out drinking with your mates. IMPORTANT – do not publish these until you have viewed them the next day.


    Beer and Photography – a great mix.

  • Go to a second hand camera shop and ask for the price of every single Leica in the shop. Decide on the one you want to purchase and them find out that adding a lens will double the cost.
  • Pop to the camera mall to purchase a lens cap. Accidentally buy a new camera or an expensive lens using money put aside for the next holiday. Wait till you get home and share your purchase with your significant other, laugh along when she (or he) finally see the funny side!
  • If your job involves using a computer, learn that editing photos and working basically look like the same thing.
  • Write a blog post that makes the claim of providing 10 tips, then only write 9. Watch as the world pours scorn on how you are misleading your readers.

TGI Friday and happy clicking people, Chris

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