Street Photography #1 Shoot Events.

OK, for my next 10 blog posts I am going to publish 10 tips. This will keep me active and hopefully give a little bit back to our beautiful community of Street Photographers. These posts will, as ever, contain my usual rants and raves and go on and off subject. I make no apologies…

I have recently been asked to photo a couple of events, and here I am particularly referring to a friend’s gig in a nearby water town, just outside of Shanghai. Like many photographers, I can be quite introvert. My general style of photography means I spend a lot of time by myself.

Photographing at a social event interrupted the framework of shooting alone. Interruptions are a good thing as they force us to operate outside of our comfort zone. Here’s the thing, people like being photographed and are interested in what you are doing. Photography becomes something that connects people to each other. This is what I like.


I went to shoot a band, but is this Street Photography? I don’t think so, still it was wonderful to be in such a small intimate venue where I could get this close to the singer. What do you think?


Anyway – how can photographing an event make you a better street photographer? The event itself may not be Street. I shot a band, but I do not consider the shots to be Street Photography. To get Street Photos, you need to turn around, mingle and shoot people you don’t know, candid where possible. Now that is Street!


Currently my favourite ever photo, but this is something I change my mind about three times before breakfast.


Red lipstick and a cigarette will always makes a strong portrait. This shot was taken at the bar. People dress to impress when they go out – take advantage of this.


I often search for smokers to shoot.


Enjoy the photos and feel free to leave a comment.

Keep Clicking – Chris

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