Still Life Tells a Story..

It has been a busy week. G+ is being killed off and members of the SPC group are spreading like butter on a bonfire. Alternative sites are Flickr, 500px, Mewe, Facebook and Instagram. Well, I started on Flickr (again), and continue to post to Instagram, but really have not got into 500px at all. My current champion is MeWe, it is small and most certainly the underdog of social media. You can join the SPC group using the link below.

Still Life

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While I generally look for interesting people to photograph, there are still other oddities that catch my eye. These shoes were halfway down a stairwell of a subway running under a major road (just after the Hebel flyover, for you Bangalore dwellers). They were in great condition, and look quite posh for the location. Whose were they and why were they there? The owner was long gone.

In the photography world there are rules, questions and guidelines sprouting from every corner of the internet. Sometimes we just have to keep it simple and find a frame that poses a question.

Here is my second favourite photo from the morning, taken in the same subway. It is obviously not a still life. I like how one person is in in colour and the second is silhouetted. I may re-visit this area and try to get a more colourful composition as a bright red Sari would look fantastic.

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On a final note, my photo editing is changing. In the past, I have always muted my colours, but lately I am heading in the opposite direction and increasing the vibrance. Maybe I felt a embarrassed posting colour images in a genre that follows a strong tradition on Black and White. Maybe it is just because India is just fantastically colourful!

My next set of photos will be from Goa as I take a break to celebrate Diwali, the festival of light. Now that sounds like a celebration designed for photographers!

Thats all folks. Keep clicking, and happy Diwali.


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