Mumbai, Day 3

Mumbai continues to offer world-class opportunities for street photography. It is also hot. Very hot. I’m developing a Mumbai smell, and think my t-shirts and running shoes may soon need their own room. My camera is proving to be wonderful company. The batteries on the A7iii run forever, and I am shooting regularly at higher ISO, which is opening locations I would not be able to photograph using my M4/3 gear. Read on…

Dhobi Ghat

Yesterday I visited the Dhobi Ghat, a vast area that washes linen and clothing for 1000’s of individuals and businesses. This location has been the highlight of my trip so far, and I came away with some keepers, despite the harsh lighting conditions. It is the largest laundry ghat in the world (I got lost inside it).

Dharavi Slum

Slumdog Millionaire?

Dharavi Slum was something I don’t ever need to see again, although I am glad I went there. Pottery appears to be one core business in the area, and this created a haze of thick, eye-watering smoke. Most adults did not want to be photographed. However, there were 100’s of kids who wanted to be snapped, and then look at their photo. I obliged as much as I could, then feeling a little over-whelmed, retreated fast! This location was home to Danny Boyle’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

Worli Fishing Village

I arrived at Worli Fishing Village at 6.30 this morning. The shore line was full of rubbish, both washed up from the sea and thrown out of the houses. On the other side of the village I poked my camera over the sea wall, only to be greeted by a row of people defecating. However, this did not put me off heading back to the hotel for breakfast.


Today I plan on taking a train to Mumbai’s Central Rail Station, which I shall catch from Grant Street. The station is a national heritage site, although I am more interested in the ride than the destination! Hopefully I will have enough energy at the end of the day to photograph some of Mumbai’s famous street-food vendors.

Tomorrow I head back to Bangalore, with a photos to sort through, aching legs, happy memories and a bag of dirty washing.

Take care and keep clicking, Chris

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Mumbai, Day 1

I arrived in Mumbai last night and after a quick drink, went to bed for an early start this morning. At 5am I was up and out of bed, ready to shoot Marine Drive, an iconic location for Street Photography. I set out using the classic setup of a 50mm lens, set to f8. This set up is coined, ‘F8 and be there‘, as using this setting is most likely to result in everything being in focus.

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Five Tips for Planning a Photo Getaway.

This month I will be heading to Mumbai for a weekend of photography. Mumbai has been shot to death by photographers far greater than me, but I am hoping that I will be able to capture something new and unique. Here are some of the things I put on my check list when planning for Travel Photography.

Holy-Bull Walker

The photos for this article are part of a book project I am working on, with the working title ‘The Bangalorean’. You can hunt for more photos taken while shooting for this exciting project on Instagram, #bangalorean and #bookaboutbangalore.

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Should street photographers watermark their photos?

There is much debate on whether or not photographers should watermark, or place a logo on their photos. I am not going to sit on the fence here as I fall solidly into the NO camp. I will accompany this article with some recent un-watermarked pics!

Street Portrait. Yelahanka/ Bangalore

Most people don’t care who you are.

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Instagram adapting ‘Likes’ feature.

Instagram is testing a change to the ‘Likes’ feature. In Canada, viewers will still be able to ‘like’ an image, but only the owner of the photo will be able to see the count. A spokesman from Instagram has stated, “we want your followers to focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get.”

My most popular post on Instagram, though far from my personal favourite.
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Starting a Project Part 3

Focus on a Skill-Set

Upgrading your skills is a sure-fire way to improve your photography. One way to do this you need to think of a goal, it can relate to how you shoot, or how you process images. Here are a number of project ideas to get you started, although I am sure many of you can think of your own. As you will see later, this relates closely to my KISS philosophy (read on!). Through focusing on just one specific skill at a time, your photography will rapidly improve

Using a flash can open up the night for photography
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Starting a Project II

Part 2. Choose a Focal Length

Street Photographers love fixed prime lenses, and for good reason. Fixed focal-length lenses are generally cheap, fast, and produce sharper images than many zooms. For this project idea, I am going to suggest picking a focal length and sticking with it. If you only have a kit lens, you can still participate, just zoom all the way in, or out, and then leave the lens alone.

Vietnam, beautiful whatever focal length!
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