Best of 2018. Part 2

This is the last post I will make before Christmas – so have a great break everyone. Here are my last favourite 6 photos from 2018.  

An interesting Street Portrait. Posed, but with a strong ‘Street’ framing.
This gorgeous girl allowed me to get quite close for this portrait.
Quite an unusual photo for me. It was taken at a high class restaurant.  Tricky lighting meant playing with the exposure settings.
This photo featured in a article I published for PetaPixel, where I claimed to have taken the highest Street Photo in the world. Apparently I was wrong.
This image gained me a pin for the Royal Photographic Society. I like the Yin and Yan feeling of the image.
Another close-up and personal portrait. This image is of a grave digger in Bangalore’s Hindu burial ground.

That all today folks – a short and simple post as I am running around like a headless chicken in preparation for a Christmas break in the back of beyond. Have a very merry Christmas everyone.

Take care and keep clicking, Chris

One Comment on “Best of 2018. Part 2

  1. The highest street photo is definitely a winner for me, it speaks of isolation and living in a harsh environment however the last street portrait of the Bangalore Grave Digger gives me nightmares. Great capture.

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