Farewell 2018, Hello 2019…

Wishing all my readers a great new year, I hope it goes out with a bang. This month I have been busy with Wes Hardaker who has been guiding a select few photographers on the different applications of exposure control. I generally leave my camera set at -0.3, so it has been an education to finally play a little more with my exposure compensation dial.

New Zealand loves its Bees!

For my final challenge I was asked to create a set of Street Photos. However, I have been in the sleepy town of Blenheim in New Zealand. The town is great for wine, but a little quiet for Street Photography. I think I managed to pull of some work with at least an urban feel to it. All these photos are either very over or underexposed. Feel free to have a nose and leave a comment. This is me working outside of my comfort zone, something I will be trying to do more of in 2019!

Looking at 2019, I am hoping to do less social media, enter more competitions and work on making better images. I also have my first exhibition coming up in January, so watch this space.

Thanks to all of you who have been following this blog through 2018, I would be talking to myself without you.

Take care and keep clicking, Chris.

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