Mumbai, Day 2

Yesterday was a long day of exploring. After the a mid-day nap I headed out to Chor Bazaar, the interpretation being ‘thieves market’. The taxi driver dropped me off, pointed straight ahead and let me walk the rest of the way. Obviously I became instantly lost and took the next hour and a half finding the location. However, as is often the case, my best photos came from the area surrounding the location I was planning to shoot.

Chor Bazaar is located close to Falkland Road, home to what was one of Asia’s largest red-light areas. It is safe to say that my camera and I were NOT welcome in the area and I disappeared fast. However, if you would like to see a photo essay on this location you would do well to investigate the work of Mary Ellen Mark. Be careful what you wish for, as the images are quite harrowing (they are not safe for work or children). The day ended with a rather nice buffalo steak at Leopold’s Cafe. This is an iconic location which was attacked by terrorists in 2008, it also briefly featured in the book Shantaram.

Today I woke up later than planned, and with aching legs and headed for Sassoon Docks, in the south of Mumbai. The location did not disappoint, although I now smell strongly of fish! I have still to upload the mornings images, however, expect more pictures of women with baskets of fish on their heads and men pushing heavy carts.

This afternoon I plan to visit Dharavi Slum, an area that featured strongly in Slum Dog Millionaire. While there I hope to visit the Laundry Ghats, as well as a few of the temples. The area is key to the workings of Mumbai, and should be an eye opener to how so many of the world’s population live.

Thats all for today folks. Take care and keep clicking, Chris.

In case you missed it, here is Mumbai day 1.

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