Mumbai, Day 1

I arrived in Mumbai last night and after a quick drink, went to bed for an early start this morning. At 5am I was up and out of bed, ready to shoot Marine Drive, an iconic location for Street Photography. I set out using the classic setup of a 50mm lens, set to f8. This set up is coined, ‘F8 and be there‘, as using this setting is most likely to result in everything being in focus.

While Marine Drive is full of people, it is unlikely to become my No’1 Mumbai haunt, it is just too clean cut. Today I will go searching for something that is a little more ‘my style‘. The itinerary for the remains of the day is as follows:

  • Mid-day nap
  • Chor Bazarre (a 150 year old market, once famous for stolen goods)
  • Kamathipura (once a large red-light area, now a seedy underbelly of Mumbai)
  • Back to the hotel to download pics and plan tomorrow!
This man is from Nigeria. He told me it was unsafe for him to return home. However, he would not tell me why.

For now I am off to bed. My day is strange when I am shooting. After a 5am start I shoot till about 9. After that I head to the hotel, have breakfast, shower and wash my clothes, blog, sleep for a couple of hours and then shoot till my legs fall off. Repeat…

A minimalist rubbish photo

Keep Clicking, Chris x

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