LockDown Projects

It is a challenge keeping a travel and street photography blog running when you can’t travel, or go out on the street. However, photography is my form of meditation, it keeps me sane and is not something I can just stop doing because of Covid-19! At the moment I am keeping a visual diary running. Obviously a diary is a little more personal than most of my projects, and I am including photos of family and friends who are locked down with me. This will be something I can look back on in the future, and is a project I encourage everyone to try.

The Selfie


For my selfie project, I worked on setting up my home studio for Rembrandt lighting. I think in this image I am turned a little too much to my left for a perfect ‘Rembrandt’ shot (if you google this style of photo you will know that there should be a small triangle of light on my left cheek). I spent an evening rigging the lighting, tripod and remote triggers. It is technically not a selfie, as I had my son Taeko press the shutter once the setup was complete. He now claims this photo as one of his own! This pic was processed in Photoshop using the ‘Damn Handsome Brush’. No comments please!


At the moment I am allowed out the front of my compound. The usually busy road is strangely quiet. However, there is still traffic passing, which provides the opportunity to practice my panning skills. Below is my favourite photo so far. If this is a challenge you would like to try, then there are heaps of great articles on how to achieve this style of photo. In India many people ride without a helmet. Having no helmet is certainly not the safest way to ride a bike, but it makes great photo opportunities.


Finally, I am trying to make a short 5 minute movie on my time in lockdown. I can’t say this is going particularly well, as recording video is not something I often think of doing. I have made a hyperlapse of the sunsetting, as viewed from my balcony. Watching the sun go down with a decent brew of tea is a highlight, and something that helps me get through each day of quarantine. Unfortunately, watching this clip it becomes obvious that my camera sensor needs cleaning. I have always left this to the professionals, but with the current state of affairs I may have to try this myself!

New Zealand…

Lastly there is a chance my next blog post will be written from New Zealand, so there is hope for my travel photography. The NZ government is rather ungenerously put together an emergency flight for Kiwi’s and their families at only $5,500 per person. There are three of us in the Page family that need to head home, and the thought of how much gear $16,500 would get makes my eyes water! If you enjoy this blog, then this is clearly a great time to buy me a coffee. The ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ app is a simple way to keep creatives creating, and caffeinated!

Please stay safe out there and let me know in the comments section of any lockdown photography challenges that are keeping you busy.

Keep clicking, Chris

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If you enjoy following this blog, then please feel free to head over and buy me a coffee! Blogs take time and money, and your continued support is appreciated.

One Comment on “LockDown Projects

  1. Great to see how other photographers are keeping themselves busy in lockdown, finding new projects and sharing ideas.

    I’ve been trying to document lockdown around me. Weirdly the biggest stumbling block is motivation. The thing we have all probably wanted more of, extra free time to work on our art. Here we have it, on some occasions the motivation to make the most of it eludes me 😕


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