Shooting Wide Angle

Using the Samyang 24mm 1.8

Getting new gear does not make you a better photographer. Maybe. However, getting a new lens sure is fun. I previously mentioned that I was hankering after an extreme wide angle lens. In a classic case of buyer beware, I went for a secondhand lens that turned out to be an older model than I thought. It was also manual focus. However, 24mm is plenty wide enough to capture images that are slightly different from what is often seen.

Gisborne Clocktower

Lenses this wide create some pretty crazy perspectives, which are fixed to some extend in Lightroom. The perspective works quite well with the clocktower above, although I am not so sure about the car grill on the shot below.

A Strange Perspective
The Merc
Going Manual

Manual focus is taking a while to get used to, although it is a skill worth acquiring. There is also a dial on the lens to change the aperture, something I have never thought of as necessary, but turns out to be quite cool. I’m also finding it is best to use a tripod with this lens, giving more time to get the framing and settings correct.

Lastly, the Samyang 24mm lens is meant to be excellent for astro photography. Astro photography is something I have always been meaning to try, and a short drive out of Gisborne will give me plenty of space that is free of light pollution (the joys of New Zealand). No promises, but I may give this a try at some point!

Thats all folks, take care and keep clicking, Chris

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