A Photographer’s Rant

This week I rant about what I am up to, plus I share some thoughts on gear, social media and a few current projects. It is going to be a wild ride, pour yourself a coffee and hang on! This post features some older photos, which I have submitted for screening with the Royal Photography Society (RPS), more abut that later…

Tiffen Centre
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3 Tips to Stretch Your Street Photography

Weekly Roundup!

There are a couple of noteworthy things that have happened this last week. I have been published in Linklens, a site run by my friend Renaud. Linklens is a fantastic site and features many talented photographers. Go check it out and follow.

Secondly, I have started my own Youtube channel, and I am planning to Vlog once a week. Here is the link to my first ever pagespics Youtube post!

These achievements are helping me to move from my safe zone, speaking of which.

Lady grabbing lunch

Lady Grabs Lunch. Yelahanka, Bangalore.

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Speed up your workflow in Lightroom. Plus, I’ve got fat, and written a survey.

Survey – Click Here!


The Bad. I got fat over the holiday.

I got into shape over the holiday. Round. For the New Year I had planned to write about my photographic resolutions, but really they’re on track. Instead, my focus for 2018 is going to be health. Photography is a powerful tool, for New Years I was cast in the role of Brandy Pusskins, and sported a tight yellow crop top for the evening (don’t ask). The resulting photo was horrific. The photo has served a purpose and I am back on my pushbike and watching calories. While on the topic of slimming down, this is also the time I slim down my photo library. Read More

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