Shooting a Gig

What is this? Two blog posts in one week, it must be something of a miracle. This weekend I was feeling blue (still am to be honest but I’m sure it will get better, particularly as there is some good news on the horizon…). With this in mind I did the best thing possible, and surrounded myself with old friends, new friends, music, food, dancing, and of course, photography. These photos are from the somewhat notorious Smash Palace in Gisborne NZ

its all about the gear

For those of you who care, and I know there are many of you, this was a chance to try out my Sony GMaster 1.4 85mm lens. It was dark, so even with this beast I was still pushing my ISO up to 5000. Fortunately, I have Topaz noise removal to clean each image. Sony’s A7III is still working it’s magic and detecting eyes and faces in the low-light conditions.

What’s next?

I have just got my drone repaired (again) so later this week I hope to capture some aerial photography. Also, I will endeavor to get through another roll of film, as I am enjoying the slowed down process of developing my own film. Another film camera has been added to my collection in the form of an old Olympus OM10 film, which I have hankered after for a while and was available at a super cheap price. Hopefully the camera will function as it should!

That’s all for now folks. Keep clicking, Chris

Old Delhi

I have recently returned from a brief photography trip to Delhi. This is a magical area for Street Photography. Markets and lanes are filled with colour and life. Early mornings helped produce the best images. As the sun rises the light is soft, and the streets are still quiet.

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Sony A7iii Banding Issue

I have just completed a shoot where I was using the Sony A7iii in silent shutter mode (electronic shutter). Obviously, my choice to use this mode was to decrease my presence and create a little discretion. I was shooting at night, and the area was lit with multiple florescent and neon lights. This appears to be a sensor issue.

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A Photographer’s Rant

This week I rant about what I am up to, plus I share some thoughts on gear, social media and a few current projects. It is going to be a wild ride, pour yourself a coffee and hang on! This post features some older photos, which I have submitted for screening with the Royal Photography Society (RPS), more abut that later…

Tiffen Centre
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Moving to the Sony A7iii for Street Photography

A move from Olympus Cameras.

This Christmas Santa delivered an A7iii. Actually, I got a good deal on it while stuck at Singapore Airport. Does this mean I am ditching my Olympus Em5ii forever? The M4/3 (Micro four thirds) system is flexible, lightweight, responsive and home to some great lenses. I am likely to keep the system as a high-end backup and a lightweight travel option. So why change systems?

KR Market (Bangalore) Sony A7iii + 50mm FE1.8
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