Street Photography, Friends and Family.

This week in Pictures

‘Keepers’ taken since last blog post = 11

Silly mistakes made  = 3
Forgetting to charge my Olympus batteries – twice! Recorded my first Vlog – all out of focus.

Total Weight loss since 2017 = 2kg (only .5kg lost this week)

portrait (1 of 1)

Boy. Taken while getting my Motorbike serviced. (A Royal Enfield)


Family and Photography

I love to explore with my camera. Some people will sit at a location and wait until a scene unfolds before them, capturing the perfect Cartier Bresson moment. Waiting is not the game for me, the further I walk the more I see. When I am out shooting Street Photography, I like to be alone. If you want to improve your pictures, then you should get used to your own company, as other people lead to distractions and remove you from the moment.

Faye, my beautiful wife, supports my photographic excursions and is often left alone while I hunt the streets. This freedom has enabled me to capture some fantastic images (I think so anyway!). However, while photography is important, family sometimes comes first, leading to, ‘Street Photography with Family‘. Having the ones I love with me on a photo walk leads to two issues:

1. While I try to be invisible, Faye attracts attention like strawberry jam in a pack of flies. I could collect 100’s of photos like the one below!

2. My son, Taeko, will inevitably end up featuring in what would otherwise be, a perfect Street Photo.

Faye Page

Faye, ending up in the frame again.


Street Photography is difficult when you are with other people. You lose the freedom to stop and wait, or turn around and walk the way you came just because the light has changed. There is a solution. Forget about the taking photos of strangers and focus on those that are close. Looking through my Lightroom library, I have far too many images of strangers and not enough of family. Secondly, I have recently purchased a ‘tough’ camera for my son Taeko, these trips and excursions are the perfect time to teach him some photography, and he has created some great photos so far.

Improve your Street AND Family photography.

So what, if anything is can you take away from this article? If you don’t shoot street by yourself, you are missing out. Secondly, if like me, you like to work alone, then diversify and take some people with you. Grab images of family and friends and use the time to teach them how to use a camera. This way, you may end up with some decent photographs of yourself!

Take Care and Keep Clicking,


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