Check your diopter adjustment.

This Week In Pictures.

100% Keepers taken:   4/5  

Silly mistakes made: 1 (I inadvertently twisted my diopter adjustment).

Weight loss since 2017: 4.1kg (really happy with this!)


Spice Dealer, Mysore

What’s going on?

Site updates continue. Check out the drop down menus at the top of this site. Hopefully this means I can add content to help you take better photos. Elsewhere, Lensculture are running a portrait competition. India has offered so many faces to capture and this is one contest that I would love to succeed in. Entering a Lensculture contest is not cheap. However, there is an option to get feedback from some of the best photographers in the world.

The Dioptric Adjustment

If you know what this dial is, then hopefully this is a reminder to check yours. As we get older our eyesight changes and our camera gear needs to be re-aligned. This weekend I really thought my new Olympus 17mm lens was a dodgy copy as nothing was in focus. I solved this problem fairly swiftly by comparing the viewfinder to the camera’s monitor. Fortunately, this was a quick fix requiring nothing more than a half twist of a dial.

dioptric (1 of 1)

…and my camera needs a clean!

The example above is on the Olympus Om5 ii. As far as I know all camera models with a viewfinder have one of these. Focus your camera on something very specific, such as the tip of a pencil. Use a spot meter focus point, enabling you to be as precise as possible. Once you have done this, twist the diopter until the image is sharp. Take a photo and check it on the camera’s monitor, or upload the photo to a computer. If you wear glasses when you take photos, make sure you are wearing them when you do this test.

There are going to be some of you who have never touched this dial and will be using the camera with the dial in its default position. Cameras are becoming more customisable all the time, and while default options are always OK, reading the manual and looking at what else you can do is always time well invested.

That is all folks, enjoy the site update. I will be adding photos of the Philippines soon, to further give this site a ‘worldwide’ flavour. Secondly, I am planning a limited price slash of ALL my photos that are for sale via this site. Take a look and think about what photo would suit your home or business and get in touch:

Take care and keep clicking, Chris

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