Photography Gear For Hot Climates

What do you need for a Days Street Photography in a hot country?

India is HOT at the moment. Currently, Bangalore is subject to brief, but heavy tropical rains. This weekend I found myself taking photos in one of the Cemeteries close the to centre of town. On the way to town, the skies turned black. By the time I arrived at the Graveyard the heavens had opened, and it was raining cats and dogs. I ran to the nearest area of shelter, on the edge of the cemetery and sat amongst the gravediggers waiting for the rain to subdue. Sometimes adverse conditions lead to opportunities, and I came away with photos to compliment a project I am currently working on.

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Adverse conditions mean you need to think about the gear you are taking for the day. Here is my list of essential gear for a day’s photography in Bangalore, India.

A camera that has weather/ dust-proof seals.

Spare batteries.

A comfy camera strap

Cleaning cloth/ brush.

Sturdy shoes or boots    (I walk in areas where there are snakes, dogs, rubbish, mosquitos and poop).

Money – including small change.

Money – stashed in a secret spot

Bank Card

Trecking style shorts


DryFit T-Shirt.

Phone (Charged or with a backup pack).

Ear Plugs.


When it is hot, local ice may not be the best idea.

Some photographers pack an umbrella; I don’t as this would mean carrying a bag. Sun-block is applied before leaving the house. What have I missed? I would love to hear your ideas.

Before I go, I am wondering what people will think of the photo that I chose to lead this article? It is not really connected, but I may write about it next time I post. And yes, it is a baby lying in the road. On another unrelated note, I am wanting to feature a section of reader’s pics. If you have a great photo you would like to submit, please email it to me and we can give this site a little more of a community feel!

Take Care and Keep Clicking, Chris

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