My Dream Camera

Firstly, sorry to anyone who clicked on this post expecting a half serious article on Street Photography. I am not about to tell you what my ‘dream camera’ is, as lets face it, they are all pretty much awesome. Instead I am going to tell you the camera that was, quite literally, in my dream. More precisely, it was the lens that I dreamed about. Weird, maybe it is time I searched for a life outside of photography (nah…).

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Shot using the Nikon 35mm 1:8. A ‘dream’ lens for anyone with a cropped sensor Nikon.

So, a good nights sleep was had (although I have woken up to find the coffee has run out). At some point in the night, photography entered my subconsciousness. In my dream, I started out using a 35mm equivalent lens, which in real life would be my 17mm Olympus. Strange that I dream in full-frame equivalent measurements, when I have never owned a full frame camera. At some point I lost, or left my camera somewhere. I suspect it was recording a stop-frame sequence, but I can’t be sure. Later someone found it and returned it to me. However, instead of the wonderful 35mm lens I started out with, it had a massive zoom on it. This zoom went to a focal length of 300mm (my dream failed to reveal how wide it went.).


Taken on the 17mm 1:8 Olympus. Quite possibly the lens first used in my dream. It is a great piece of glass!


My new super zoom was clearly designed for wildlife, and I found myself in the middle of a jungle shooting exotic animals. Here is the strange thing. When I took a photo of an animal, my viewfinder went mad and the animals in the frame started running towards me. When I removed the camera from my eye, I could see that it was not really happening, just a strange effect of the lens I was using. Secondly the lens had a clutch system, just like the ones found on the Olympus Pro range of lenses. However, the clutch did not change the focus mode, instead it scrolled through a number of film simulation filters. At some point I took the lens off the camera and discovered it was covered with dust. Maybe the most shocking part of the dream is how grubby the lens was, as this was the event that shook me awake.

Clearly this dream has revealed Sony/ Oly/ Nikon ect.. have a long way to go in designing their own dream camera. Maybe I should apply for a research and development post? I’ll write a normal post next time. Promise (maybe)….

Take Care and Keep Clicking,


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