Olympus Medium-Format Camera Rumour

Recently, my world has been a little shocked, with the news that Olympus are planning a Medium-Format Camera. The rumours are that they are planning to achieve this without substantial increases in size. If you are already an Olympus user, then the news continues to get better as the new camera model will still be able to use M4/3 lenses.

New system, but keep those M4/3 lenses!
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My Dream Camera

Firstly, sorry to anyone who clicked on this post expecting a half serious article on Street Photography. I am not about to tell you what my ‘dream camera’ is, as lets face it, they are all pretty much awesome. Instead I am going to tell you the camera that was, quite literally, in my dream. More precisely, it was the lens that I dreamed about. Weird, maybe it is time I searched for a life outside of photography (nah…).

pagespics (1 of 1)-5

Shot using the Nikon 35mm 1:8. A ‘dream’ lens for anyone with a cropped sensor Nikon.

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